What if you never had to struggle with your website ever again?

With same-day service from our developers, you’ll actually have time to do the things you enjoy!

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Security Focused

Securing your Wordpress site is our highest priority. We perform a 23 point security check of your site when you join.

We ensure that:

  • Your Uploads/Themes/Plugins are not directly accessible
  • Your Admin logins are secure
  • Scan for weak passwords
  • Scan for known malware files
  • Check if Themes & Plugins need to be updated
  • Plus lots more

Here are a few of the tasks that we can help you with

Unlimited small 30 min jobs for 1 site

Backup your site daily

Clean up malware & secure your site

Fix issues after a WordPress core update

Improve your site speed

Install a plugin

Optimize images

Recover a hacked site

Tweak your CSS

Website Optimisation

Let us fix those niggling problems

  • Modify your sites header
  • Tweak the sidebar
  • Change links in the Footer
  • Optimize images
  • Install a favicon
  • Improve your site speed
  • Solve alignment issues
  • Tweak your CSS
  • Update a plugin
  • Update your theme
  • Upgrade WordPress core
  • Change your contact details

Daily Website Backups

Your WordPress data is really valuable — you’re only a moment away from complete disaster. So make sure you do it right! Use our service and enjoy premium-quality daily backups for your WordPress site.

We backup both your website files and database every day and can immediately restore your website if something goes wrong to minimise downtime, loss of customers and headaches.

Be 100% Hands-Off

WordPress can be a difficult system to learn. Themes, plugins, pages, posts, as well as advanced features like styling changes, functions, actions and hooks, all of which can leave you feeling discouraged. Let us handle the hard stuff, so that you can focus on the things that you love doing.

Unlimited WordPress fixes 24/7 for only $47/month